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Room 2 
Northumbrian Hillsides and Moorland

The paintings, drawings and prints in this gallery are based on my meanderings around the hills and moors of Northumberland. The studies of hillsides tend to follow a pattern in which I like to fill the composition with the face of the hill, so that the hillside appears to be almost "hung" from the thin strip of sky at the top. Similarly, the moorland studies aim for a broadly "flattened" image, filling the compostion, almost akin to a hanging or tapestry.....

The pictures in this gallery consist of watercolours,oils and acrylics, graphite drawings and digital paintings.

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Linhope painting


Northumbrian Moor 1

Ingram Hillside sand painting

Ingram valley Hillside 1

Ingram Hillside drawing 1

Ingram Hillside drawing 2

Northumbrian Moorland drawing 1

Copse on a Hillside drawing

Copse on a Hillside painting

Ingram Valley Hillside 2

Quarried Hillside

Dark Hillside

Cheviot Hillside 1

Ingram Hillside painting 4

Stormy Landscape drawing

Lake Shore drawing
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