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Room 1 
Gateshead and Tyneside

These paintings, drawings and prints are just some of the many studies and observations I have made of my home town over the years.  The bridges, of course, have always offered fascinating and dramatic images, but it is mainly the ordinary everyday glimpses of buildings, houses, windows etc. that I find most evocative.
One specific image, which I have returned to again and again, is of the Owen Luder car park which was demolished back in 2010 (the so-called "Get Carter" car park). This stark, brutalist concrete structure dominated the skyline of the town for several years. It was not considered beautiful by local people, but to my eyes it had a powerful sculptural presence that towered over the south bank of the Tyne, almost like the impact of a cathedral in the centre of an otherwise quite ordinary town.
The pictures in this gallery consist of watercolours, oils and acrylics, drawings and monoprints, and digital paintings.

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Tyne Bridges

The Tyne Bridges

Team Valley Factory

Saltwell View

Rectory Road Gable

Swing Bridge

Car Park 1

Car Park 2

Car Park 3

Car Park 5

Car Park 4

Corner Shop Bensham

Back Lane hillside

Tall Gable Bensham

Fog on the Tyne 1

Fog on the Tyne 2

Dunston Staithes

Back Lane Low Fell

Back Street Bensham

Pithead building linocut


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