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Room 3 
Hadrians Wall and the Great Whin Sill

These images reflect a continuing fascination with the remains of the Roman wall and the rock formation on which it was built.  In both cases, I have become increasingly intrigued by the subtle changes in colour and appearance of the actual stones of the wall and the rock formations of the Whin Sill, which can vary dramatically depending on the weather conditions and time of day.

The pictures in this gallery consist of oils and acrylics on canvas, conte crayon drawings on paper, and mixed media watercolours.

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Whin Sill 19P

Whin Sill 20P

Whin Sill 9P

Whin Sill 18P

Whin Sill 8P

whin Sill 7P

Whin Sill 13P

Whin Sill 14W

Whin Sill 2D

Whin Sill 1D

Hadrians Wall stones 2

Hadrians Wall stones 1

From Steel Rigg watercolour

Steel Rigg rock face

From Steel Rigg watercolour

Hadrians Wall in snow

Hadrians Wall in snow

Housesteads 3

Housesteads 1

Housesteads 2

Hadrians Wall milecastle

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